Founded in 1997, Quartz Nature has specialized in the conception and production of winter coats for both men and women. Named “Entreprise Citoyenne” in 2007, Quartz Nature remains committed to delivering Canadian made goods which helps provide continued employment in a sector that has been largely affected by delocalization.

Our Mission

To allow you to fully appreciate every day of winter by offering you the best locally made winter coats, made with premium quality materials.

Our History

Mr. Yves Trudeau, president and founder of Quartz Nature, is one of Canada’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of insulated winter coats. Yves spent his adolescent summers working with the family business. His parents both worked in the industry and taught him the intricacies of putting a garment together. In 1976, at the young age of 27, Yves decided he would unit his passions: alpine skiing and clothing. Relying on the tools his parents had passed on to him, Yves took the plunge and founded Hiverna; a skiwear line that he successfully ran for nearly 20 years.

It was in 1997, that Quartz Nature took flight. The concept changed from skiwear to parkas with a chic urban look. Yves has ensured through his innovative attitude that Quartz Nature evolve whilst ensuring that more than 400 000 people stay warm through Canada’s harsh winters.

Our Commitment

We will maximize our local production in order to support sustainable development here in Quebec. Our actions have helped sustain an existing employment sector as well as creating jobs. We guarantee that we will make every effort to reduce our production waste and recycle the remainder, thereby ensuring the reduction of our environmental impact.

Our products

Our light, versatile, and unique coats are made of premium quality materials and will keep you warm all winter long.

Contact us at: 450-252-7660/1-888-281-0014 info@quartz-nature.com


Quartz Nature is proud to help some McGill's scientist in their field work.

We are supplying them the Vostok, the expedition parka that allow them to work many hours in the most severe cold. Here are their feedbacks:

"My team used the jackets in late March at Eureka, Ellesmere Island under very cold conditions (~ -30C or colder with wind chill); about the only thing that kept warm while conducting field research were parts of the body directly protected by the jackets while our legs, feet, and hands eventually succumbed to the cold! So we were very happy and even grateful for the jackets under severe Arctic winter conditions!

We also used the jackets during our early May expedition to Axel Heiberg Island at the McGill High Arctic Research Station under late Arctic Winter conditions (temperatures ranged from -5C to -20C). Again the jackets were super, we were never cold while out in the field for 4-8 hours at at time and we did not "overheat" when the temperature increased to the -5C range."

Lyle Whyte

Propair, is a flying company that bring people all around Canada & the USA, this include the most remoted & hostile destinations of Northern Canada. We are proud to supply them the Vostok to keep them totally secure in the coldest Canadian's destinations. A parka they trust and like to wear between their flights.


Laëtitia Boudaud, Ethno Photographe

Laëtitia Boudaud, ethnophotograph, Research site : Northern part of « Terre de Baffin », Nunavut (September to november 2004)

"I have to congratulate Quartz-Nature for the thermal efficiency of your jacket, which kept me warm and comfortable belong the entire duration of my research , including blizzard time. I was totally at ease, even while moving just a little, whit temperature going down to -35C/-31F, without the wind-chill factor. Also, my jacket made a lot of envious belong the Inuits that I have met, they found it very nice! Moreover, I have very appreciated the real coyote fur on the hood…it definitely has nothing to see compared to synthetic fur. Thanks again !"


Outward Bound Canada

Outward is a great Canadian Company that offer to everybody, a pretty wide spectra of outdoors activities. We are happy to supply them some of our parkas. These guides are "hardcore" user and great people to have feedbacks from. Looking for adventure, have a look to www.outwardbound.ca


Sûreté du Québec

« Grand Nord » Parka, wear by the police agent located up north of Baie-Comeau to face the intense cold, during many hours. The "Grand Nord" model is a similar version of Vostok

Laval SWAT Team

The Laval SWAT team use the Quartz Nature "Grand Nord" Parka when they are exposed to intense cold, during many hours.The "Grand Nord" model is a similar version of Vostok

www.ethiquette.ca is a great web site that promotes sustainable development via a responsible consumption. As a clothing manufacturer our sustainable development plan is to produce 100% of our products in Canada and to recylce all of our production waste and cartons. Since 2002 one person in two has lost a job in the Canadian clothing industry - 50000 jobs have gone. During this time imports of clothing from Asia have risen 150% to more than 7 billion dollars! We believe in maintaining & creating Canadian employment and ask you to apply a responsible consumming concept to your everyday life and thus contribute to sustainable development in your own way.

Quebec Breakfast Club

For more than 5 years now, Quartz Nature contribute in tomorow future, by helping the "Breakfast Club". The Quebec Breakfast Club takes every possible step to bring each child the two essential elements for a good learning experience: a nutritious breakfast and a nourishing environment.


Montreal Herstreet is a community-based organization commited to its mission of helping homeless women and woment in difficulty.

This winter Quartz Nature helped them the way they could by donating parkas of a total value of more than 5000$.


Quartz Nature and Aventure Écotourisme Québec are now partners. We look forward to providing Quebec's outdoor professionals with the quality garments they require, their knowledge and feedback will help constantly improve our garments.